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You Asked For It - 69mm Bludgers Overview

Looking for that perfect Thaney Freeride Wheel? 69mm Bludgers are here to answer the call.

After the immense success of the 62mm Bludgers last year we wanted to regroup and make sure our 2020 offering was bringing as much to the table as we could and answered a lot of the product requests we got from last year. So here they are in all their glory – 69mm Bludgers, offering slightly more grip than their 62mm counterparts thanks to a slightly tweaked shape. 69mm Bludgers thane from the first slide to the very last, offering crisp predictable stand up slides across the life of the wheel.

We couldn’t ‘just’ make a bigger bludger – we had to do something more, so we expanded the colour range from our original two colours (dehydrated yellow & lavender rinse) to six colours – now including Flammin’ Gallah Pink, True Blue, Ghost White and Lime Cooler. The new colour range gives riders to opportunity to colour coordinate and paint roads technicolour.