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Push Your City Limits

Hit the streets, bomb the hills and dance the night away on our new do-it-all Downhill Dancer.

Built For It All

Like its famous counterpart, The Nutbush was constructed for endless fun. Built with the intention to give everyone the opportunity to improve in all styles of longboarding –  the Nutbush is perfect for any rider of any skill level. Take it fast or take it slow, there is nothing restricting about the Nutbush.

Stay Locked-In

 The Nutbush is BIG, coming in at 39″ long with wheelbase options from 24-26″ we aren’t kidding when we say, this board wont be getting away from you. It’s wide standing platform paired with comfortable micro-drops and mild W-concave will keep you feeling confident at all times. No matter if you’re freeriding, fanging downhill, dancing or just cruising, your feet will always stay comfortably locked into its curves.

Kick To The Left, Kick To The Right

With two functional kicktails, the Nana Nutbush is ready for any double kick trickery you can think of. Whether that be mashing sidewalks, getting funky at your local skatepark or simply popping off a curb, the Nutbush has the ability and dexterity to do it all.