The Bludgers Brawl

Slippery Wheels, Fast Skating and Smooth Pavement – Sounds like a perfect day for a brawl. Our first Downhill Skateboarding race “The Bludgers Brawl” took place over the past weekend and it was an absolute hit. All 18 boys were hooked up with some Nana Bludgers and sent into 6 intense rounds of racing.

The Bludgers Brawl presented by a local longboarding media outlet “The East Cooperative” was an absolute hit over the past weekend and we are thrilled with the turn-out for our first event. After almost delaying the race for another week due to expected poor weather, the executive decision was made to push through and race rain or shine. Luckily enough, we were blessed with an overcast yet dry race day.

To hear such positive thoughts and reviews on our new Bludgers wheel has been so great to hear and makes us more stoked than ever to continue supporting our local longboarding scene. Thank you to everyone that came out and supported The Bludgers Brawl but most importantly, thank you to our friends that came and raced, see you guys next time!

Many Cooran locals stopped in to watch in awe as 18 of Queensland’s finest battled through 6 rounds of racing on Nana Bludgers wheels. After 5 intensely tight rounds – and a couple of heavy bails – Tobias Martin, Josh Evans, Korey Kamp and Benson Marquart made it through to the finals.

To say the final heat was tight is an understatement, this heat was an absolute battle. The boys entered the first corner shoulder to shoulder and hardly left each other side into the second. Shooting towards the finish line, Brisbane shredder (and all-round nice guy) Josh Evan made a break and crossed first, followed by Nana Skateboards team rider Tobias Martin and then Sunny Coast local Korey Kamp in 3rd.