Slashing is Simple

Turn your point a-to-b journey into a slash filled expedition with the Simple Slasher from NANA Skateboards.

Built to Perform with Ease

No one wants to have to fight against their board to perform at their best, thats why we designed the Simple Slasher. Featuring a functional kicktail, an upturned nose and smooth, mellow concave; this board allows for a constantly locked-in feeling ride. Its asymmetrical shape allows for complete comfort upfront and easy leverage in the back when popping off curbs or performing tricks. The Simple Slasher provides a feeling like no other.


A Little Bit Longer

We don’t believe in cramping styles and therefore it only made sense to give the Simple Slasher’s a longer wheelbase than other traditional skateboards. A longer wheelbase provides a longer standing platform and more stability when reaching higher speeds, this allows for an extremely comfortable to ride. Longer standing platforms allow for riders to feel safer when transitioning between different obstacles.

Ready to rip 

The Simple Slasher comes complete with our Bludgers Wheels because it would be a crime to pair such an easy to ride board with any other wheel that arent as equally smooth sailing. Bludgers wheels feature a round-lip profile paired with a lightly offset core – they slip when you wanna slip, and grip when you don’t. 

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Check the Simple Slasher out in action