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The Sidecars

Introducing our new freeride wheel

The Happiest of Accidents

You might recognise the sidecar shape from our Nutbush Complete decks, well we got this wheel as a stock 70mm Wheels to go with the completes. As we found out these wheels slide super easy and have a super predictable initiation and hookup. Perfect for burning down your local hill.

Handle it all

From learning your first handsdown slides to trying technical standup slides and nailing drift line Sidecars have the versatility to handle it all with confidence. The Sage provides more stopping power whilst the Beige offers a more creamy slide. the sideset nature of the wheel makes breaking into a slide a very easy task even for those new to sliding.

Can’t believe it’s not butter

The 78a Sidecar formula in both Sage & Beige offers long easy slides but have enough tact that you’ll be able to hold a line through a corner if you’re wanting to. The Sidecar shape is a tried and true classic wheel shape updating with super smooth modern urethane.